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Learn to Fly RC

To start with R/C planes are not toys, They are fully functioning airplanes in miniature form. All the laws and theories of flight apply to them just like the full size planes and just like the full size planes it's almost impossible to learn to fly R/C by yourself even if you are a licensed pilot.

Teaching yourself, on your first R/C flight your going to find out that things happen real fast. From the time your wheels come off the ground till you crash is going to be less then 20 sec. And then your going to want to blame the hobby shop for selling you a plane that won't fly. A lot of things have to be right the first time. The plane has to be balanced both front to back and also from side to side. All the flight control surfaces have to be adjusted and all move in the right direction. You need to check the way the radio is installed in the plane. If its installed wrong it quits working or will fly out of radio range very quickly.

Our Instructors will completely inspect your plane before they will try to fly it. And they also have the ability to fly an untrimmed plane. A plane has to be trimmed in flight to adjust them to fly flat and straight. If a plane has a tendency to turn or climb or dive by itself it's very difficult to fly. And if you don't know how to fly you wont know what's wrong.

About every 2 years somewhere in the world some one gets killed (dead) by an R/C plane. In unskilled hands they are very dangerous.

Our Club does not charge for flight lessons. We love our sport and want to keep it as safe as possible. We don't charge for flight lessons and we take NO financially responsibility if your plane crashes. We often help to repair or rebuild crashed planes. We do everything possible to keep from crashing your plane but crashes do happen. The more you fly and the longer you're in the sport the less frequently crashes happen.

You also want to talk with your instructor before you buy your first plane. You will want to start off with a trainer plane. That is very forgiving with your in air mistakes. The big high powered very fast planes you watch at the field doing a full range of aerobatics are to advanced to learn on.

When you join a R/C club you will build life long friends. and you will enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship.