Aircraft Safety Rules
  • All pilots must adhere to all AMA's safety rules and must be verified by an officer to be an AMA member (regardless of age or aircraft).
  • DO NOT FLY OVER THE PITS or spectator area. -- Keep your aircraft on the far side of an imaginary line that extends indefinitely along the midpoint of the runway. 
  • Full-scale aircraft have the right of way. Avoid full scale aircraft by a half mile or more.
  • Call out (SHOUT) to the pilots with planes in the air, when you are:
    • "Taking Off"
    • "Landing" (direction such as "left to right")
    • "Dead stick landing"
    • "On the Runway"
    • "Off the runway"
    • or it you see any situation that warrants a warning -- people or vehicles nearby -- full scale aircraft approaching -- etc. 
  • Pilots and spotters must stand behind the yellow lines marked on the taxiways.
  • Shut down engines at or before the Safety lines marked on the taxiways when exiting from the runway and returning to the pit area.
  • Do not take off the taxiways.
  • Maximum of 5 planes in the air at a time.
  • Do not turn your transmitter on with out having the correct frequency clip on your antenna unless you are operating on 2.4 ghz.
  • Use a spotter when flying, especially a new plane or when there are multiple pilots.
  • Turbine powered models are not allowed during the months of June, July, and August, and anytime thete is a burn ban in effect in Benton County.
Courtesies and Manners 
  • Treat each other in a safe manner; just like you expect to be treated.
  • Give the student pilots a break in the sky when possible.
  • Give the pilot with a new plane a chance to test his plane without a bunch of us in the air.
  • Share the air. 
    •  If a large expensive plane is in the air wait or ask if the pilot is comfortable with multiple planes in the air.  
    • Operate 3D aircraft or helis at the NE end of the field if there are many pilots in the pits.
    • Wait to fly high speed aircraft until after large, slow, scale, or expensive land. 
  • When the sun is in the southern end of the field and is causing pilots problems in spotting and controlling their planes, move everyone ( if all agree) to the southern pit area and allow flying over the northern end of the runway and pit area.
  • Be cognizant of those around you when choosing adjectives.  
Ground Vehicles
  • All vehicle operators must have a current AMA card in their possession to drive models at Higgins Field.