A group is a online environment for discussing items related to a specific subject, such as RC. A group can contain multiple topics. Topics are different discussions related to the group's subject. Topics can contain multiple posts. 
 The MAA has a Google Group which is limited to members of our club. In order to control SPAM we don't allow replies via emai -- one must log into the web page to start a topic, or reply to a topic. Members can elect (be default) to receive the posts sent to their email.
The Miniature Aircraft Association Google Group is open to all members and all members are encouraged to participate.  Registration is by an application process.  Your MAA membership is validated after your first attempt to log in.  When prompted for a user name USE YOUR REAL NAME or your membership will be declined.  This policy helps us get to know one another better, and also curtails anonymous flame throwing.  Speaking of Flames -- don't go there!  Once your membership in the group is approved (usually several hours) you will be able to click on the icon above and take part in our local RC discussion. 
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Although it's a social media phenomena, Facebook garners considerable disdain from some of our members, so one can't assume that just because it's posted on our facebook that all members have seen the posting.  Despite this -- Facebook remains a very efficient way to distribute links to great RC videos, photos, comments or other things members might like to share with others.  

Email Addresses are forwarded to the current officer with the respective responsibility.