Recent Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

MAA Board Meeting 9/04/2014

Called to order at 6:40 pm

In attendance: Brian Lepinski, Clark Hymas, Ron Page, Bill Stewart, Les Long, Colleen Bowman, Doug Bowman, Dick McGrew, Dan Deckert, Dan Seeman, Dave Miller. 

Agenda – accept for discussion 

Previous Meeting Minutes – No minutes were read from last meeting.

Safety – Event Safety subject.  Photographers are to be mindful of the safety line.

Finance Report – Doug  9/04/2014 Balances
Checking $4,176.90
Field Checking $229.64
Savings $411.02
Cash Box $240.00
PayPal $0.00

Member count – 75 + 1 new member added during Warbirds, 2 others are considering membership.

Upcoming expenses – Approximately Power Bill $240, IMAC trophies $300, Indian Summer, pressure valve, lock for entrance gate.

Warbird event recap – 22 Pilots
Hits / Misses
Landing fee – possibly a little high.  Next year drop cost or give senior discount or reduce cost across the board to $25.
Food / food prices / menu – Don’t advertise prices.
Advertisement – Flyers need to be placed in Hobby Town and sent to other clubs such as Spokane. 
Parking – Upgrade all RV power to spiders.  Next year request $5-10 per site.  RV parking assignments need to be posted behind glass.
Vendors – A positive addition to the event.
PA / sound system / music selection – Excellent, very beneficial to event.
Pilot registration / wrist bands – Mandatory next year.  We had a person fly the event without paying.
T-shirts – An advertising bonus for the club.  Many out of town people took shirts home.
Trophies – Turned out positive.
WWII collector vehicle group – Great addition to event.  Dan D. was the club contact person.
Fire truck? – They were contacted and confirmed they would be available, however they never came.
News media – Over the top.  Probably the highest advertisement bringing foot traffic to the event.

Thank you letters to vendors – Dan D. sent them at the time of receiving their donation. A follow up thank you message will go out with Christmas cards.

We received numerous comments on how great the field is and the hospitality of the members being better than they have been anywhere in the northwest.  According to them they rank us above Wenatchee. 

Field Report – 
Dan D. – Drip line isn’t functioning properly.  The event trash has been hauled away by use of Dave Reeves truck.  The refuse pile will be gone by the next event as the burn ban has been lifted.

Old Business – 
Dave Miller made a motion to add a shower to the NE restroom, with a water heater, skid strips, plumbing, low flow head for $500.  Ron Page 2nd, no opposed.

New Business –
FYI – During the Warbird event J.D. Blakley made some ill comments on the club Face Book page about the naming of Higgins field.  Clark removed J.D.’s comment and banned him from the site.

Next club meeting – Proposing a “Country Breakfast” at the field for the morning of September 13th.  Breakfast from 7:30 to 9:00 and a short club meeting at 9:00.
Charge bare minimum for breakfast.  Not looking at making anything from it but I would like to cover the cost, thinking $2.50 to $3.00 but need input from Colleen first on the cost per plate.  Unanimously approved a breakfast 8:00-9:30, Club meeting at 9:30, with a requested $3.00 donation.

Colleen B. made a motion to spend $100 to add a screen door to the dog house Clark H. 2nd, no opposed.

Reminder to starting thinking about who to contact for donation requests.  Some vendors start accepting requests in September and others not until January 1.  Brian L. is a Hobbico contact.

Jeff Dahl has resigned his position as secretary.  Colleen B. has been appointed temporary secretary until a new secretary can be elected. 

2015 Officers
Clark has been asked to consider sticking it out for another term and with much consideration and the concern of himself and others for the future of the club will agree to another term provided the following are agreed to:
Officers and BOD members are no longer “place holders”; we have some that have gone out of their way to be involved and help out whenever or many times before a need arises and others that for medical reasons, family responsibilities, or other reasons have not been able to be involved.  He is not asking that anyone put the club ahead of family, worship, health, or other conflicting personal vices.  He is asking  if this is the case please consider what is best for yourself and the obligations that come with holding an office or BOD position.

If you have missed more than 4 of the BOD meetings in the past year, He is asking you resign so that we might elect someone to that position that is willing to show up and have a say in the business being conducted.

If you are in a position that requires you to keep up on paperwork, take minutes, or conduct some other function, He expects to be able to count on you to follow through and complete those needed tasks.

He is encouraging each officer and BOD member to attend a minimum of 3 Benton County park board meetings each year.
~This year the BCP has given MAA $18,000.00. The next BCP meeting is a potluck held September 9th, 6:30 pm at the Gun club.  BCP meetings are held monthly every second Tuesday.

Website overhaul, management.
No idea where to go with this. It is agreed what we have doesn’t work the greatest, with lots of room for improvement.
~Nonprofit hosting fee is approximately $90.00 annually.  There will definitely  be a new web address.  Dan D. would like officers and members to suggest other websites as +/- examples.  He would also like Wil Byers to be involved in this process. Current suggestions include:
Members only section
Upload document files and photos
Archive storage area
A sidebar similar to the Wenatchee clubs site
Website effort contribution would be a volunteer donation to MAA

Newsletter / editor
While Clark agrees that everything that needs to be addressed to the general membership could easily be done with an email he also realizes some members look forward to and appreciate having a monthly newsletter.
This is not something that has to be an elaborate publication such as a magazine or long drawn out articles.
Needs to mainly address club business, what’s going on, upcoming events.  Pictures of members at the field, showing up with new airplanes, pictures taken at club meetings or other events.
Clark can help by arranging them in a newsletter format since he has the software to do so if someone would take charge to collect pictures and throw a few extra tidbits in.

Elections Ballot for 2015
Positions open for nomination are currently:
Website management
Board Member 

IMAC Regional Finals:
Breakfast, lunch, spaghetti dinner – Saturday
Breakfast, lunch – Sunday
T-shirts – working with Chris
Need volunteers for scribes, garbage detail, and to be available to help out in other areas as needed.

Events 2014 – 
IMAC Regional Finals – September 27-28
Indian Summer – October 10-12 CD – Doug RV parking will be marked and assigned first come first serve.

~Please join in, put your hands on the rope and maybe pull a little ?

MAA Board Meeting 10/3/13
Jeff Dahl, Camille Page, Scott Page, Les Long, Clark Hymas, Bill Stewart, Jon Erlandson, Dan Seaman, Dan Deckert, Colleen Bowman, Doug Bowman

Agenda – accept for discussion

Safety Discussion – Jeff. Watch out for bugs and creepy crawlies both at the field and at home. Fortunately, the field has fewer yellow jackets this year. Also noted that there are fewer goat-heads and other weeds in general.

Previous Meeting Minutes- emailed to board members and sent out in the newsletter. Accepted.

Finance Report – Doug. The pump bill is paid and there is still some money left. Still owe Dan D. For materials used to maintain the field. He submitted receipts. Still owe Bowmans for the June power bill- unsure of amount. Also need to reimburse Bowmans for the food expenses at events- amount unknown at this time.  Outstanding bill for fertilizer to be paid to the Bowmans - amount unknown.  The question was asked if our bank account has been switched to GESA.  Answer-not yet. It will not be pursued until after the elections in November. 

Field Report – Dan.  The second mower (purchased with president's discretionary money) is running. Blowout of the sprinklers will be done near the end of October. Monte will assist and loan equipment at no cost to the club.  Mower tires need to be filled with foam goop.  Scott P. made a motion to allocate up to $150 for the mower tires and other parts needed for repairs. 2nd by Clark H. Unanimous approval.

Old Business –
Infrastructure improvement/maintenance
Pump and controller have been picked up and will be installed Saturday, October 5th.  Clark will have a boom truck there about8:00.  Monte and Cecil will also be there.

Metal roof on the pump house is on hold until after the pump is installed and we know what funds are available. New member Jared England said he could get some good quality new sheeting.

New Business – 
Membership update – Camille, 87 members. Of that, 69 dues paying, 3 lifetime members, 2 youth memberships,  9 non-flying family members with AMA. There are about  35-40 members that don't fly or don't fly without assistance.

Events 2014- Warbirds Over Washington.  Board approval needed to allow turbine aircraft. The dates will overlap the banned flight dates by a few days.  Benton County Fire District #2 has agreed to provide a brush truck onsite and manpower for 8 hours per day for 3 days at no charge. Scott P. made a motion that the turbine ban be waived when a fire truck is on site during this event. 2nd by Jeff D. Motion passed.

Membership Dues
Declining number of pilots at events has led to approximately $1500 to $2000 less being taken in for events
Suggesting that club dues for 2014 go from $75 to $85, family dues $100-150, student or minor under 18 - $25.  Much discussion on the pros and cons.  Dan S. suggested that someone contact members and explain WHY the increase would be useful and specific examples of HOW it will be used. He detailed previous occasions when a number of members have opened their wallets and donated above and beyond their dues for a good cause.  Previously, some members have balked at a dues increase.  Jon E. gave perspective of the dues from the early days of the club to the present. "The more things change, the more they stay the same."  Doug agreed to draft an email and send it to the membership explaining need for additional dues to be used for field improvements, such as safety fencing and pilot stands on runway #2, hot water improvement to the dog house, etc.

The October membership meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 12, during Indian Summer.  It will be held at 11:30 near runway 2 so we don't interfere with our guests' flying.   ONLY nominations will be covered.  Should take about 15 minutes.  All officers position are open, as well as one director's position. Be sure to get permission from a nominee ahead of time. No surprises!

Events Calendar – Indian Summer – Event poster for Hobby Town? Done and delivered by Scott.
Doug – CD, Colleen and Beth – Kitchen detail, food on FridaySaturdaySunday, Breakfast and lunch only

November club meeting – BOD at Ron's house. Membership meeting TBD-possibly Sterlings. 

Meeting adjourned.

MAA Board Meeting 9/5/13

In attendance-Doug, Dan D., Ron, Dan S., Clark, Camille, Scott, Dick

Agenda – accept for discussion

Safety Discussion – Dick - remind people not to throw lithium batteries in the garbage cans.

Previous Meeting Minutes -accepted

Financial report- deposit $1048 from Labor Day Event, before expenses. Pump has outstanding balance/expense

Field Report – Dan- field is still there, some spraying done, working on leaks. Field looked very nice for the Labor Day Event.

Pump is at KIE. $4910 due. Installation on the 21st, same day as Big Bird in Yakima or Oct. 5. A friend of Monte's will help.

Old Business –

Infrastructure improvement/maintenance- Metal roof on the pump house

On hold until after the pump is installed and we know what funds are available.

New Business –

Membership update – 81

Debrief of the issues brought to light concerning maintaining our club as family friendly.

Need to have info for pilots new to the club-safety, etc.

Field Expenditures – Fire Extinguishers - BOD will take care of them. Backpack sprayers? Dan is against, but that is what the county fire crew suggests. At a minimum, we need shovel and rakes, at the dog house and also the pump house.

Clark purchased two mowers-he will repair for use mowing, thatching, pull spreaders, etc. hope to have running by Saturday

Ron moved we put the big windsock on the pump house, small ones on the fence. 2nd Doug, one opposed, motion passed.

Events 2014

Suggested events
  • Wings for Wishes: May 30 – June 1, 3 days only
  • Warbirds over Washington: August 29 – August 31, 3 days only
  • IMAC Regionals: September 27 – 28, 2 days only
  • Indian Summer: October 11 – 12, 2 days only
  • Possibly a spring IMAC event: Last weekend of April or first weekend of May
  • Ad hoc events
  • No excuses fun fly – weather and interest dependent
  • Float fly – weather and interest dependent, more people if it is advertised and sanctioned, propose three one-day events

Possibly have swap meets in front of Hobbytown? Monte will talk to Jeremy. Not possible in the past.

ALL events need to get approval from the board- not just if we have a CD willing to take one on.

Membership Dues

Declining number of pilots at events, the need for continued maintenance and structural / capital improvements has led to approximately $1500 to $2000 less being taken in for events.

Suggesting that club dues go from $75 to $100 for 2014. Or other ways to raise funds. Discussion followed on the purpose of events- whether we have events to raise money or provide time to socialize and share camaraderie.
Events Calendar –
  • IMAC Duel in the Desert – Clark – CD, Jim Wagner - Scoring, Colleen and Beth – Kitchen detail, Saturday and Sunday, Breakfast and lunch only
  • IMAC Regional Finals – 
  • IMAC Member – CD, not us
  • IMAC Member - Scoring, but we need scribes 
  • Need someone from the club to collect funds and registration papers.
  • Indian Summer – 

Event poster for Hobby Town -Scott will do, would like to have menu on poster. Doug – CD-will do write up for distribution

Colleen and Beth – Kitchen detail, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Breakfast and lunch only.

Dan brought up an idea to move the drivers stand between the doghouse and the fence. Some inherent safety concerns.

Ron will be gone for the October BOD meeting. Next membership meeting will be during IMAC. Scott will send out memo.

Adjourn 1st Ron, 2nd Doug, approved

BOD Minutes 8/1/13

In attendance: Ron, Clark, Scott, Doug, Colleen, Dick, Camille, Jeff, Les, Dave

Agenda – accepted for discussion

Safety Discussion – Dick - go back through existing planes and check over the condition- wire, batteries, linkage,etc. 

The defibrillator is working and stored on top of the refrigerator. 

Previous Meeting Minutes - accepted

Finance Report – $3000 was used for a deposit towards the new pump.

Field Report – Clark brought more chemicals, 2-4D, etc   The club is out of sprinkler heads replacements. Motion to buy a box of sprinkler heads for $330. 1st Jeff Dahl, 2nd, Doug Bowman, Scott Page, Clark Hymas, motion passed.

Dan and Dan have run through all the cycles to make sure they work. After the pump replacement, we need to replace the nozzles in all the heads. This fall Clark will haul in some Perfect Blend to use as soil builder.

Sign at the road looks good!

Old Business –

Infrastructure improvement/maintenance- Metal roof on the pump house. Get a quote for needed materials and we will write a check to cover that amount. Estimated cost - $400

New Business – 

Membership update - 81

Field Expenditures

Club accounts are in the process of being resolved / moved. Motion to get a $300 prepaid VISA for field marshal, 1st Jeff Dahl, 2nd Dave Miller- Doug will take care of it.

Infrastructure improvement/maintenance- Pump replacement – 

$3000 Deposit check has been delivered to KIE, pump is being assembled in Colorado and will be shipped when completed.  Expected delivery – end of next week (8/8, 8/9). Need a couple of people to help. Clark will bring a boom truck to pull the pump.  Decided the work will begin at 7:00 AM on Aug. 24. We can have most of the electrical installed before then. 

Wounded Warrior Projects - 8/17/13 Aviation Day-same as Montana Wings for Wishes. Anyone willing/able to take this on? No

Warbirds Over Washington (9/5/14 – 9/7/14 Labor Day Weekend) This would be in place of our traditional Labor Day Extravaganza NEXT YEAR (2014). Is there enough interest to support this event? Clark could CD, but need war bird guys to step forward.  Need to hear what Wil Byers will do before we proceed. He wants to take photos, video and use to promote his magazine.  He would run half page ads to promote the event. Motion to invite Wil to a BOD meeting to discuss.  If he won't come, forget it.  1st Doug, 2nd Dave, Clark

Items needed to support this event?

Grade track area level to make a parking area.
Seed graded area with a native grass.

Put some work into leveling the grass area and transitions at each end of the runway, leveling of grass area on the far side of RW1.

The suggestion of installing playground equipment was brought up again. As our field now stands, kids are playing on plane cradles, doing acrobatics on wood railings, playing in the parking areas, etc.  A playground would be much safer. It was suggested that when we renew our lease with the county, we propose that the county take liability for the playground, as they do in other county parks.

Events Calendar – 

Labor Day Extravaganza – same as usual for this year Doug – CD, Colleen and Beth – Kitchen detail

Motion to adjourn 1st Doug, 2nd Clark


MAA Board Meeting 7/11/13

Clark Hymas, Jeff Dahl, Dick McGrew, Camille Page, R. Scott Page, Dan Deckert, Dan Seeman, Ron Page

Safety Discussion – Dick, Don't be complacent and slack on safety rules.

Previous Meeting Minutes – motion to approve 1st Camille Page, 2nd Jeff Dahl, all approved

Finance Report –Clark received a $175 check from AMA for publicity of the Wings for Wishes charity event.   Benton REA - Doug and Clark are working on setting up auto payment again.

 Field Report – Dan- need to reset timing program on field, pipes in runway two are blowing apart, Dan and Dan are working on it- section by box and T. Lawn mower weight seems to be cause.  Wind is causing spraying issues.  Clark is getting Roundup and 24D and 300 lbs of weed and feed. Recycle barrels are ready.  

 Old Business – Proposed that we drop the Wednesday night thing due to lack of students showing up, availability of instructors, ability to coordinate instructor to student.  Motion to cancel program 1st RSP, 2nd  Jeff Dahl, all approved

Entrance sign – Donated by Chet Lepinski. Saturday morning this will be taken care of. Possibly trees, too.

Infrastructure improvement/maintenance-Metal roof on the pump house-waiting for check to pay for it. Estimated cost - $400

New Business – 

Membership update – 79 members and one prospective 

13-14 September 2013, Duel in the Desert – This IMAC event was canceled for Redmond and we have the opportunity to host it. Clark can CD it.  Easy opportunity for us to earn $800+. Motion 1st Dan Deckert, 2nd Clark Hymas, passed, all approved

22-25 pilots, landing fee $35, 30 goes to the club, we would need to provide trophies (Scott will talk to Clark) Jeff can cook on Saturday, Bowmans will be there.  Lunch will be served and possibly breakfasts. No dinners will be served.

Any members that wish to give IMAC a try could do so with no landing fees and no need to sign up as an IMAC member. IMAC has expressed how much they enjoy coming to our field and how well we have treated them in the past.

Infrastructure improvement/maintenance –

Pump replacement – 10 hp is too much power , well is 240 feet, pump at 150 feet, water level 100 feet. After much work with KIE and checking with manufacturers on specs, flow rates and friction loss, the recommended size of the pump keeps coming back as a 5 HP pump.  The 7.5 HP is feasible and would work, could possibly give us the ability to water 2 stations at once. Clark can spearhead the pulling of the pump, possibly in mid-August.

Motion- 1st by Dan Deckert to give Clark permission to buy 7.5 hp pump with VFD drive and electrical components for the best price possible and cap it at $9000. 2nd R. Scott Page, all approved

Events Calendar – Just for fun all fly – July 12-14 @ Higgins Field, CD – Scott, Cooking – Chef Jeff

Adjourn 1st Jeff Dahl, 2nd Dick McGrew, all approved


MAA Board Meeting 6/6/13

Clark Hymas

Doug Bowman

Dick McGrew

Colleen Bowman

Dan Seeman-guest

Jeff Dahl

Scott Page

Ed Hornsby

Ron Page


Camille Page

Dan Deckert

Les Long

Dave Miller



Agenda – accept for discussion

Safety Discussion – Dick
AED needs a battery and new pads, approx. $300
The 2012 safety document is an appendix to the by-laws. Scott will add it to the web site.

Previous Meeting Minutes - accepted

Finance Report – Doug- Dan and Dan would like a debit card for routine field purchases.

Field Report – Dan- More cracks have been sealed and also sprinklers raised. There is still more to do. Dan S. is building tops for two of the garbage cans so we can go green with recycling.
Aussie willows are going to be planted between or next to the dead trees near runway one.

Newsletter- Scott needs monthly reports for the newsletter, such as a bylaw report, safety article, field marshal report, treasurer’s report (no balances, but include net income from events and monthly expenses).

Old Business

·         Flight training committee – Dick will make a sign-up calendar. Scott will make small cards for the hobby shops, an on-line sign-up and add the trainings to the monthly calendars.

o    Training program – one night every other Wednesday

§  Hits/Misses

·         Entrance sign – Donated by Chet Lepinski

o    Should be done by the end of this week or the first part of next. The frame is built and posts are ready. Clark will get plywood and concrete to install the sign. He will also get enough concrete to put under the doghouse steps. Clark will also be getting fertilizer.

New Business –

·         Membership update – Camille- we now have 78 members.

·         AMA Media grant- paperwork has been filed. We should be getting a check from the AMA for $150 for the media coverage of Wings for Wishes. They also used the event coverage in their own press release.

·         2013 Project / Spending Plan –

o    Infrastructure improvement/maintenance- Dan D. motioned to get more info on the new pump to see if a 10 hp pump will work, then get accurate quote on prices. 2nd CP, passed

§  Replace pump with 7.5 or 10 horse VFD

·         7.5 hp - $2,000

·         10 hp - $3,200

·         VFD drive controller $900 - $1200

·         Removal of pump assy $1200

·         Wiring $500

o    The Blue @ 35 psi is putting out 3.3 gpm x 14 heads = 46.2 gpm, and you can really only push 30 gpm through a 1" valve.
The Black nozzle @ 35 psi is putting out 2.7 gpm x 14 heads = 37.8 gpm, still a lot for 1" valve.
The Red nozzle @ 35 psi is putting out 2.0 gpm x 14 heads = 28 gpm... that will work much better, BUT....... each station will need to run for about 60 % longer to put down the same amount of water (precip) as the Blue nozzles.  Also, the spring on the swing arm will need to be moved to the "rear" position for it to work properly with Red nozzle.

·         Estimated total cost - $4700

§  Metal roof on the pump house- has already been approved by the BOD two years ago

·         Estimated cost - $400

o    Finish up existing projects?- Motion to table any action on this- CB, 2nd CP, will use temporary T posts and caution tape during events.

§  RW2 – Fence, Taxi ways, Tables

o    Estimated cost - $2565-$4500

·         Possibility the park board may help- Next Benton County Park Board meeting will be a potluck Monday, June 10, 6:30 at Two Rivers Park. Clark will attend.

o    Bylaws-  Definition of a visitor, what constitutes a visit and how many are allowed- addressed in by-laws and will be re-addressed. RSP made a motion that for the remainder of 2013, after three visits, nonmembers pay $5.00 a day to fly at our field. 2nd CH, approved

Events Calendar –

·         Float fly – June 8 & 9 at Two Rivers Park

o    CD – Scott, Cooking – Jeff

·         Just for fun all fly – July 12-14 @ Higgins Field

o    CD – Scott

§  Cooking- Jeff

Adjourned, 1st, CH, 2nd, DB


MAA Board Meeting 5/2/13

Agenda – accept for discussion

Safety Discussion – Dick - would like CD and EC to list safety needs ahead of time   - fences, signs, etc. When you are flying, forget about other life challenges.  If you can't clear your head, don't fly.

Previous Meeting Minutes 

    Minutes did not cover the following details that were discussed:

Colleen mentioned that the club did not make as much on food as was believed. This was not known until the food bill was balanced. She said that meal cost must increase this year.

 Colleen brought up and we discussed about some "perceive gourmet food" was beyond what was needed. I ask if it would be less work if the meals were simpler. But was told the meals were not too much work. The BOD rejected the notion.

    It was discussed and voted on that Colleen would be responsible for the "big event food".  Ron understood that this would be only for: Wings for Wishes, IMAC, Labor Day and Indian summer. (Clarification needed)

Colleen volunteered if asked, to advise on food for the other events. But it was up to the event coordinators to ask if wanted. Ron made the motion and BOD voted and approved.

    Amended to include Ron's comments. CH, 2nd, DD, passed

Dan reported vandalism at the field and advised more will likely occur. Maybe move freezer to shop. Colleen will take responsibility to clean the dog house before events.  


Treasurers Report – Doug - accounts still at Sterlings, will be July or August before transfer to GESA

Field Report - Dan field is all mowed and parking lot is sprayed, edges of runway, taxiways, sprinklers, etc.  water is currently off, but will be back on Friday afternoon.  

Trees to plant, (cuttings are just starting to root)
No power to shed yet or bench in workshop. 

Weld tongue back on pill sprayer

Fencing on sides needs to be done

Weeds around car stand

Build tables for 2nd runway, maybe 10 rounds available, 

Need design for parking and taxiways on #2, safety fence? May be able to get from Park Dept.

Burn slash pile

New tin on pump house

Hot water heater, plumbing donated by Clark

Runway #1, reset sprinklers in the past, 80% now need to be filled in around sprinklers with sand and level them, water them down

Is the tree by the dog house dead? JD motioned to cut down tree, CH 2nd, 6 yea, 3 abstain

About 8 trees are dying.  Where do we want to put the Aussie willows? Replace trees on runway one, if possible, 2nd runway.   Put something on end of runway #2 near the metal shed?  Maybe by telephone pole parking barriers? 

Cracks on runway - fill with foam rope half way down then add sealant. Needs to be done.

Feasibility of a weekday work party? Start filling in on runway #1 not needed before may evens, but are a long term fix

Old Business –

Flight training committee – Dick
Training program – one night every other week 5 pm till dusk (Wednesday or Thursday)?
Responses from instructors if any? Most instructors agree. Dick suggests Wednesdays, get calendar out and instructors sign up for days- need commitments on calendars before publicized- need instructors to know what the club has available - training for trainers, make sure trainers are familiar with AMA intro pilot program - training session to be one hour before club meeting - group hands on with computers to check out AMA requirements for new pilots

Only one session on buddy box, if they are not AMA.

Entrance sign – Donated by Chet Lepinski

Should be done by the end of first part of next. Maybe set in 11th or 18th. Clark will do frame and posts.

Work party report - Dan

New Business – 

Membership update - Camille 67 

List of people with first aid cards?  Clark, Camille, Scott, Andi, (Doug, Colleen, and Chris are signed up to take a course)

Ask in email for others

2013 Project / Spending Plan –

What are the priorities of the BOD?
Building up a contingency fund?

If so, how much? Goal was to keep 10,000 as contingency

Saving for the next BIG project?

Finish up existing projects?

RW2 – Fence, Taxi ways, Tables

Estimated cost - $3200-$4500

Infrastructure improvement/maintenance

Seal and stripe RW1

Estimated cost - $2000-$2500

Metal roof on the pump house

Estimated cost - $400, motion to fix was passed three years ago

Priority is to maintain and protect.      -pump house, runway 1 sealant ($5-6000) through stripe-rite. Clark moves meeting with Stripe-rite to get actual costs. CH, 2nd DM. Also check with Benton County on equipment.

Then finish started projects, then master plan. CH moves to accept priority plan, 2nd DM

Dan will get prices for metal roofing, let's do it right.

Runway two needs safety fence, taxiways; Clark has estimates for three different ways. $2500-$4500 Clark will also check with County Park Board on fencing. Need red nozzles on all sprinklers. Pump is being taxed.

Clark has a meeting scheduled with Adam before the next park board meeting. 

Master Plan
New doghouse

Shaded eating area

Covered work/pit area

Handicap pilot station

Electrical power to tables

Larger starting tables - Done

Events Calendar – 

May 4-5 Fun Fly and Swap Meet

CD - Dave, Event Coordinator?- Jeff
, Meals? Clean-up

Wings for Wishes gearing up and looking for help

CD – Scott
Safety officer – Dick

Assistant safety officer -everyone is to help

Event Coordinator – Clark

Kitchen - Colleen

Menu tentatively planned

Grocery shopping will be either Wednesday or Thursday before the event

Beth, Jake – Assist


Prizes will be on display at the May club meeting.
- Will mostly be taken care of during the event, will need someone to take trash bags to the dump

 Work party June 1, 7:30 am until done.  Work on sprinklers. Bring gloves and a shovel. 

Emergency call numbers on a poster to put in sign boards. Scott will do. Sign for an AED on the outside in the bulletin case.

Adjourn 8:45, CH, DD, passed



MAA Board Meeting  4/10/13


Clark Hymas

Colleen Bowman

Dan Deckert

Dave Miller

Dan Seeman (visitor)

Jeff Dahl

Doug Bowman

Les Long

Ron Page

Dick McGrew





Chet Lepinski (visitor)

Agenda – accept, Thank you Jeff Dahl for taking minutes of the meeting.

Safety Discussion

Previous Meeting Minutes – Any Comments?  Receipt acknowledged by Clark, Jeff, Dave, Ron, Doug, Colleen.  Adopt as posted on website and emailed.  CH tabled for acceptance at next BoD meeting.

Finance Report – Balance is similar to March.  Doug will send in dues for Wa. State Business License.

Old Business:

·         Flight Training committee:          Dick will be emailing all current instructors with proposed plan for weekly or bi-weekly flight training.   New instructors appointed and accepted by BoD:

o   John Pulsipher, Dan Siemans, Ron Page                 

·         Needed paperwork to be filed with state, federal, AMA?

o   Location of any needed paperwork?

o   What and when does this need to be done?

·         Entrance Sign:   Proposal to use options #1 and #4 for sign, one on each side.  Benton County Park Board approved proposed signs on conditional removal of “Visitors Welcome” to remove potential interpretation that AMA is not required.  DB 1st, LL 2nd.  Motion passed.  DD abstain.

New Business

·         Work Party 4/20/13 scheduled

Need volunteers to bring shovels

Tasks:  1.  Dig around sprinklers on RW#2, install funny pipe connectors

2.  Repair wire fencing around site perimeter

3.  General cleanup

·         Purchase of connectors and funny pipe proposed budget $200 for all parts.  DD 1st, JD 2nd, unanimous approval.

·         Motion for purchase limited to $175 of electrical connectors and conduit to install 1 outlet and lights in mower cargo container.  DD 1st, RP 2nd, unanimous approval. 

·         A few complaints were received about food during events during 2012 were too “gourmet”.  BoD rejected notion that menu should be changed to be less “gourmet”; many event attendees love the food and found that Colleen, Beth and other volunteers were doing an excellent job with the food menu for events.  RP motion that Colleen Bowman be appointed to a new position as “Event Food Advisor”.   DM 2nd.  Unanimous approval.   Event Food Advisor will advise and concur with menu planning and possible assisting with purchasing.

·         BoD discussion for expectations of how many meals are offered during official events.  Motion that CD and Event Coordinator determine which (if any) meals are offered for First and Last days of an event and 3 meals are offered for middle days.  D.Miller 1st, D.Mcgrew 2nd.  Unanimous approval.

2013 Project / Spending Plan –  tabled for May BoD Meeting

·         Projected income

·         Projected expenses

·         Master Plan vs. Infrastructure Needs

Events Calendar –

April 18:  General Club meeting

Confirmed location:  Round Table Pizza, 1435 George Washington Way, Richland

May 4-5 Fun Fly and Swap Meet

         CD – Dave:   Doug B. transferred cash box to DM with $142

        Event Coordinator & Food – Jeff Dahl

Meals:   Sat:  Breakfast & Lunch

Sun:  Doughnuts & Coffee

        Clean-up:  Volunteers needed

Wings for Wishes gearing up and looking for help

        CD – Scott     Paperwork has been filed

        Event Coordinator – Clark

        Kitchen: Colleen – Lead                  Beth, Jake – Assist

Volunteers needed to help fill ice chest with drinks, remove garbage & clean up.
Menu tentatively planned, Grocery shopping will be either Wed or Thur before the event


·         Clark, Scott, Doug – others welcome to assist

Prizes are being accumulated

        Clean-up:  Will mostly be taken care of during the event, will need someone to take trash bags to the dump


MAA Board Meeting 3/7/13

Clark Hymas

Camille Page

  Dan Deckert

  Les Long

Dan Seeman (visitor)

 Jeff Dahl

 Doug Bowman

  Colleen Bowman

  Dave Miller


 Dick McGrew

Scott Page

  Ed Hornsby

   Ron Page

108% attendance!

Agenda – accept for discussion- unanimous

Safety Discussion – Dick reviewed the safety article from the newsletter.

Previous Meeting Minutes – Any comments?  Receipt acknowledged by Clark, Jeff, Dave, Ron, Scott and Camille, Adopt as posted on website and emailed.  1st CH, 2nd JD, unanimous

Finance Report – Doug-club is continuing to receive dues.   Doug is dealing with paperwork that Sterlings mixed up- we need to re-do some paperwork to remove Clarence.  He will switch accounts to GESA ASAP. Checking and savings will be moved. Clark Hymas, Doug Bowman and Jeff Dahl will be account users. Outstanding bills- pay for drive train, some chemicals.  Paid Bowmans for 2012 food expenses.  Colleen purchased a new ice chest for event drinks. Vote to reimburse her approx. $90, 1st DM, 2nd JD, unanimous

Old Business

·         Flight training committee

o   Suggested: Club designated instructors – designated on a year by year basis? To be decided by safety/training committee

o   Suggested a potential instructor. Scott will contact him.

o   Training program – one night a week 5 pm till dusk? Good idea, but need commitment from members to be there. Possibly put schedule on web site with link to wind speed and instructions to check before going to the field.

o   Suggestion that Dick and Ron could help as ground instructors to help set up flight controls, engine adjustment, and overall safety check.

·         Needed paperwork to be filed with state, federal, AMA?

o   Location of any needed paperwork? Doug has filed paperwork/charter with Adam and is continuing to work on tax free status.  To maintain tax free status, our income from events MUST be under 35% from outside people. Income needs to be tracked from sources- food, registration, raffles, etc and separated members/guests.

·         Entrance sign – Donated by Chet Lepinski

o   Board – narrowed choices down to 8 samples. Scott will send an online survey for membership.

New Business –

·         Membership update – Camille said we have 58 members plus two life members. Discussion on redacting info of minors- Colleen suggested we use the parents’ contact info. 1st RSP, 2nd DM, unanimous

·         Field Marshal Report – Dan- lots of work to be done- see handout. Work party on Saturday at 9:00.  Camille will send e-mail reminder to club members. Mainly need to turn on water, clean and open restrooms, clear tumbleweeds, burn trash, clean doghouse, shop, put in shelving and move storage to mower container.  Future work- will need to work on sprinklers, runways, etc. Dan will serve chili for lunch.

o   Lead for each project? Volunteers should check with Dan when they get there.


·         2013 Project / Spending Plan – tabled to April

Events Calendar -

o   May 4-5 Fun Fly and Swap Meet

CD – Dave- Paperwork  is filed
 Event Coordinator- Jeff will help Dave. Jeff will do lunch on Saturday, Dave will do Sunday. Wings for Wishes gearing up and looking for help
CD – Scott- Paperwork has been filed
Event Coordinator – Clark
Kitchen- Colleen – Lead, Beth, Jake – Assist
Menu tentatively planned
Grocery shopping will be either Wed or Thur before the event
Clark, Scott, Doug – others welcome to assist
Prizes are being accumulated. Big stuff in the works-  Scott spoke with HobbyKing. They will support us with even more products than last year
Will mostly be taken care of during the event, will need someone to take trash bags to the dump. Dave has a trailer that can be parked out there.

·         Newsletter Submission and Ideas

o   Scott would appreciate any ideas or articles.

Adjourn- 1st LL, 2nd DM

MAA Board Meeting 2/7/13

Clark Hymas

Camille Page

  Dan Deckert

  Les Long

Dan Seeman (visitor)

 Jeff Dahl

 Doug Bowman

Colleen Bowman

  Dave Miller

Beth Hymas (visitor)

 Dick McGrew

Scott Page

  Ed Hornsby

   Ron Page


Agenda – accept for discussion

Safety Discussion – Dick
We need to make sure planes are not going back and forth directly over the runway. Dick is going to put up a bulletin board on the doghouse for safety notices and such.

January Meeting Minutes – read prior to this meeting by Clark, Jeff, Dave, Ron, Scott and Camille

In the section regarding passive fire suppression around the pump house, it is suggested we specifically add  “including a metal roof on the pump house.”  Minutes accepted as amended. 1st CH, 2nd JD, approved

Finance Report – Doug

Field Marshal Report – Dan would like to chemicals to kill vegetation in the parking areas, under the chain link fence and around the runways and taxiways. Clark will check on prices. Also check on dye additives.

Old Business Flight training committee –Update – Ron will continue as lead of the committee.   Review notes from flight training committee.

o   Suggested that the MAA adopt the guidelines as determined by the AMA. Committee will be under the auspices of safety. Safety officer will be the chair with the current committee members added. A crash report will be adopted for use with trainer/student crashes.  1st RSP, 2nd JD, all approved
Clark will continue with the last section of recommendations creating a pilot handbook and documentation for the web site.

·         Needed paperwork to be filed with state, federal, AMA? Waiting for Doug

o   Location of any needed paperwork?

o   What and when does this need to be done?

·         Entrance sign – Donated by Chet Lepinski

o   Scott took the lead on this and has some examples.

o   Are there two examples the board can agree on and move forward?   A membership poll with sample layouts will be taken via Survey Monkey.  Scott will prepare it and track results. 1st CP, 2nd DMc all approve

PPO Box – Checked into cost of a PO Box at the West Richland Post Office, 3x5 box is $58 per year.   Purpose is to have all official club business mail go to the same location year after year. Scott will arrange this and also get postage to mail out the 2013 membership cards. 1st CP 2nd JD all approve

·         Field Marshal and Assistant Field Marshal Stipend –

o   Report from Doug - Doug will check to see if stipend is to be a gift, salary, or if tax status is affected.   Clark checked. As long as it is a stipend under $1099, no expenses need to be tracked. Stipend will be $50 a month for March through October to be paid to the field marshal and also the assistant field marshal.  1st CH, 2nd CP all approve

New Business –

·         2013 Project / Spending Plan – waiting for Doug

o   Projected income

o   Projected expenses

o   Master Plan vs. Infrastructure Needs

o   Approve to set up a debit card on a sub account that will be funded with X amount; board will go over expenses, approve expenses, authorize funding for the following month.  This is for immediate maintenance needs that can’t wait until the next board meeting.

§  This was discussed before and never followed through on.

Events Calendar -

o   Event dates

§  Changes to Swap Meet date change proposal to accommodate events at Weaver Field. Now the MAA Swap Meet will be the first Saturday of May.

§  CD’s·         Filing of paperwork 

o   Treasurer accommodations for payment
Event Coordinators

    CD or Event coordinator will be responsible for arranging and assigning help with the kitchen, raffle, clean up and any other items deemed necessary.

o   Wings for Wishes gearing up and looking for help- Clark has arranged for coupons and cash donations for the purchase of two very large planes.  These are for a separate raffle with tickets being $10 each. All BOD members present agree to accept the donations.

·         Assign a committee for bylaws revision changes / correction

o   Draft enclosed for board members review.  This brings previous bylaws into current practice.  Moved to accept current revision of bylaws (see handout).  1st CP, 2nd CH all approve

·         Filing of paperwork for Club Leader program

o   Paperwork has been submitted to AMA for review and approval. Clark is just waiting for a reply from the AMA.

·         Club Logo – Clothing - (Scott) Chris Strausburg (Winged Stitches) is now doing the clothing embroidery as his main occupation. He has been very generous to our club and could use our support.  Our club logo is digitized for the embroidery stitches, so there will be no new setup fee.

·         Newsletter Submission and Ideas – send articles, photos of planes or shop area, etc. to Scott.

·         Membership update – (Camille)- currently 25 members have registered with about 81 total expected.  E-mail reminders have been sent out to members who have yet to renew with AMA. Our current membership year begins March 1.  Scott passed around a sample 2013 membership card and will handle the printing.  Les will purchase a new lock for the gate and change the numerical combinations on all locks.

Meeting adjourned- 1st CH, 2nd JD, all approved

MAA Board Meeting Minutes 1/3/13

 X Clark Hymas

X Camille Page

  Dan Deckert

X  Les Long


 X Jeff Dahl

X  Doug Bowman

  Colleen Bowman

X Dave Miller


 X Dick McGrew

X Scott Page

X  Ed Hornsby

X  Ron Page



Agenda – accepted for discussion

Overview – Clark thanked officers for their willingness to serve- he doesn’t want to step on toes, trusts us to do our jobs

The MAA master plan started with surveys in 2011, accepted by Park Board in Sept. 2012. Now we need to evaluate next item, clubhouse which needs substantial $$$$
This year we will finish up previous projects- weed control, grass, passive fire around pump-house including a metal roof,  handicap access,

Safety Topic

·         This will be saved this for the club meetings.  Safety Officer or any other member should be assigned to come prepared with a “Safety Topic,” however, the BOD will discuss problems and issues.

o   Comments? Dick appears to be handling things very diplomatically.  We all need reminders of field rules.

·         SAFETY COMMITTEE-  actually consists of the 5 Board members according to by-laws

Previous Meeting MinutesAdopt as posted on website and emailed.  Please read ahead of time and bring concerns or changes to the meeting. Moved to accept 1st Camille Page, 2nd Jeff Dahl, unanimous vote

·         Preference would be not to read over the entire meeting minutes at meetings in order to save time.  Board members are encouraged to read the minutes before hand and be prepared to comment if there is any cause for concern.

Finance Report – Doug- see handouts

·         Outstanding payments? Mower maintenance, fertilizer, weed and feed, food expenses, banquet raffle items, tractor rental (Doug will check on amount)

·         Event revenues-see handouts- basically $5000 income on events.  If we don’t have events, our dues would be doubled.  Advertisement is with an event calendar. Talk it up in RC online groups. Newspapers need press releases written up for them.

Field Marshal Report – Dan not present

He has been cleaning up the field quite a bit, straightening up things, new grass starting to appear, Horn Rapids restrooms are out of order, shotgun range will let club members in to use their facilities

Old Business – Section will be used for existing business that has not yet been resolved.  If it has been dealt with there is no need to bring it up again.

·         Christmasish Party

o   Date – 1/11/13 Friday

o   Location – Tony Roma’s- six different menus, would like us to choose- right now we are scheduled for #4 menu

o   Door prizes- Scott has some, Doug will pick up from Hobbytown,  tickets will be handed out as people enter,  women’s gifts- Camille and Dave

o   Video- Doug will send Pages the hovercraft videos, video will be focusing on field improvements and Make a Wish

·         Flight training committee - Ron

o   Update / status- same as last meeting, recommend the board take action- will be emailed to BOD for vote in February. Ron will send out the recommendations again to the BOD members.

o   March 1st deadline- now April 1st

·         Needed paperwork to be filed with state, federal, AMA?

o   Location of any needed paperwork?  Sent to secretary in March (club charter, fed thing, renew state articles… Doug will check and put on calendar)

·         Entrance  sign- donated funds from Chet $500 for 4x8 sign, sample made, others offered to help with donations, Scott will send sample out online and BOD can vote- send comments to Scott only- do not “reply all.”

New Business –

·         PO box for club business

o   Richland Post Office

§  Purpose – make transition between officers more seamless

§  $$$ Need to check on price. West Richland Post Office or Richland,

§  Clark will check on prices

·         2013 Project / Spending Plan –

o   Projected income

o   Projected expenses

o   Master Plan vs. Infrastructure Needs

o   Set up a stipend for the Field Marshal of $XX / month for the months of March through October.

§  This is to alleviate some of the cost involved in fuel cost for travel to and from the field and a gesture of appreciation for time and efforts spent at the field.  Suggest $50 a month each for Dan D. and Dan S.  Doug will check to see if stipend is to be a gift, salary, or if tax status is affected. Tabled until February.  RSP moves Clark will talk to Dan S about accepting an official title.  Doug 2nd, all approved. 

o   Approve to set up a debit card on a sub account that will be funded with X amount; board will go over expenses, approve expenses, authorize funding for the following month.

§  This was discussed before and never followed through on or no decision made.  Tabled until Doug gets more info from GESA.

·         Events Calendar -  Scott

o   Event dates- are on line, one small change in Yakima’s Big Bird event

§  CD’s

·         Filing of paperwork

§  Event Coordinators

§  Need it done to put on the back of membership cards

Take event calendar to Monroe Show, to Weaver Field,

Poster size yearly calendar to be printed for Hobbytown

Renewal form- new changes to include FPV and other aircraft

Directory information to be published by choice of each member


*** Gearing up Wings for Wishes, Scott will CD, Jeff will be event promoter, Clark is event coordinator-  arts/crafts/jewelry?  

Maybe contact paintball club

·         Assign a committee for bylaws revision changes / correction- has been discussed for two years! Jeff Dahl  volunteered  to chair

o   5 Members

§  3 Board members- Ron and Scott will be on committee- input from Doug and Clark

§  2 Members at large

o   March 1st draft deadline

·         Filing of paperwork for Club Leader program- Doug.  This designation looks good to the Park Board, great for PR, we can put it in advertising for events- do we need a community PR person? We need to educate the club on what the Club Leader program is.  Doug will address this and educate at meetings and via the newsletter. We already do what is required, just need to move on with it.   Need to monitor sound levels, keep written records and demonstrate we know what’s up and be good neighbors.   There is no negative input from the residence across the river.

Rudy- lifetime membership for flying?  Motion to award Rudy a lifetime membership certificate in recognition of his contributions to the MAA.  Award to be presented at Annual Banquet.  Dave motioned, Ron Page 2nd, all approveRon will invite Rudy.  Certificate will be made by Camille.

Clark showed spreadsheet of future repairs and costs.

Dave expressed thanks for flowers and people attending the service for Norma. 

Adjourned, Clark moved, Doug 2nd

Recent  Membership Meeting Minutes

MAA Club Meeting 11/12/14

Welcome -

Call to order – After members finished their meal at 6:30 Clark called the meeting to order at Country Gentlemen.

In attendance – Jared, Scott, Camille, Clark, Beth, Bill, Dick, Andi, Bryan, Brian, Chet, John B, Jim W, George K, Jim Mc, Dan S, Dan D, Ron, JR, Doug, Colleen

Previous Meeting Minutes - Nominations as follows:

President – Clark Hymas, Vice President – Dan Seeman, Dick McGrew, Treasurer – Doug Bowman, Secretary – Colleen Bowman, Newsletter – No nominations, Board position – Jon Erlandson, Ron Page, Safety Officer – Brian Lepinski, Field Marshall – Dan Seeman.

Membership Numbers - 83

Field Report - Dan D, Dan S and Jared completed sprinkler blowout 11/2/2014. The restrooms are closed until next spring.

Old Business - Lease update. We are planning to sign the new 20 year property lease in December. The new lease will include the new boundaries. A map will be published after the lease is official. New signage will be addressed after boundaries are published. The insurance has been paid through March 2015.

New Business – Master plan items. Dan, Dan and Clark are researching options and cost for a covered eating area, which is the next item on the master plan. Clark is getting materials for RW2 tables as they become available. Fencing is also an item planned. The board approved two spider boxes to increase power distribution at events. Make any suggestions regarding these Master Plan items.

Events 2015 Dates in RED = Field Closed, dates in BLUE = Higgins Field “tentative events”, dates in PURPLE = known events around our area.

  • March 7-8 Sage Riders Clean-up. Field closed to flying. Possible day for a spring clean-up work party?

  • March 14 IMAC Basic Boot camp

    • For pilots interested in flying basic

      • First hour spent going over the basics of what criteria flying is judged by.

      • Depending on how many pilots – fly 2 rounds. Each pilot will have a one on one briefing with the judges immediately after flying before the next pilot flies.

      • Pilots from Zillah, Moses Lake, and Tri-Cities clubs will be invited to attend.

  • March 29 IMAC judging school, flying from 8 till noon. Field closed from 8 till noon.

  • April 11-12 IMAC Grizzly Bear @ Higgins Field – Previously approved, MAA host only

  • April 24-26 Zillah Big Bird

  • May 8-10 Higgins Field Big Bird Spring Opener – CD is Clark

  • May 23-24 IMAC – Zillah

  • May 29-31 Wings for Wishes – Clark is lead contact

  • June 19-21 Weavers Fly In

  • Aug 28-30 Warbirds Over Washington @ Higgins Field – CD is Doug

  • September 10-13 Huckfest @ Wenatchee

  • September 18-19 Zillah Fall Classic

  • September 26-27 IMAC - MAA host only

  • October 9-11 Indian Summer @ Higgins Field – Rudy & Jon E are contacts, CD ?

There was an over-site of four events: MAA January 1st Chilly/Chili, Cubs & Cousins, MAA Float Fly and Gary Weavers March Breakfast. These four will be investigate and discussed at the next board meeting. Also the MAA Big Bird Spring Opener event dates will be reviewed as it's Mother's Day weekend. Wings for Wishes 2015 is shaping up to be bigger than 2014! A possible guest demonstration pilot is in the works. If you have flyer miles you would like to donate for our guest's flights it would be appreciated.

Secret Ballots Vote for 2015 Club Officers – President – Clark Hymas unopposed 21 votes Vice President – Dan Seeman 5, Dick McGrew 17 Treasurer – Doug Bowman unopposed 21 votes Secretary – Colleen Bowman unopposed 20 votes Newsletter – No nominations, one write in for Dan Deckert Board position – Jon Erlandson 7, Ron Page 15 Safety Officer – Brian Lepinski unopposed 21 votes Field Marshall – Dan Seeman 20, one write in for Bill Stewart

Next Meeting – Reminder there isn't a general club meeting scheduled for December. The next general club meeting will be in January 2015 for the annual post holiday gathering. Clark will look into reservations at Country Gentlemen.

There will be a Board meeting scheduled in December.

MAA membership meeting  9/13/2014

Dick, Dan D, Colleen, Dan S, Jim W, Scott P, Camille, Paula, Jim R, Dave M, Bill, Ron, Jon E, Doug, John Pulsipher, Jake Pulsipher

Warbird event was a success, with 22 registered pilots.  The T-shirts broke even with many out of area people taking them home.  The trophies were well received.  Food was rated excellent.  RV Parking published first to club members by email.  Wrist bands will be mandatory for future AMA, sanctioned events.  The club received many compliments on field condition and hospitality.  Several pilots plan to return for the clubs closing 2014 season event in October.  The Warbird event is the second highest revenue event to date.   A lot was learned from hosting the Warbirds event.

The lease on Higgins Field is up in December 2014, a new 20 year lease is in the process.  There will be a delay in completing the lease due to a new survey to extend the field boundaries.  This will allow the field to have a parcel number and an address.  A discussion with the BCPB about alcohol on field premises resulted as no alcohol will be sold or provided by MAA.  During multi-day events an occasional adult beverage is acceptable.  With that being said it is MAA’s standing once you open an alcoholic beverage you are finished flying for the day.

Jeff Dahl has resigned as club secretary.  Clark appointed Colleen to be the club secretary.  Camille points out it is the secretaries job to see that minutes are posted to the website.

The board approved $100 for a screen door to be added to the Dog House.  Also $500 to add a shower to the NE restroom, with a water heater, skid strips and a low flow shower head.

Jim Reynolds would like to see the 8 stumps removed this fall if possible.  Paula has a person to contact possibly to reduce club expense.

There is currently investigation being done by Dan D to upgrade or change the MAA website.  He is requesting member suggestions at this point.  Wil Byers is offering to assist in design at no cost to the club.  Wil would like to see web changes/upgrades completed by the first of the year to launch Warbirds 2015 promotion.  Scott P asks the current website functionality be maintained.  He also strongly suggests the club keep the current website and make possible changes to reach the clubs goals.  Dave adds there really isn’t anything wrong with the current website. 

There has also been a request to resume a club newsletter.  This is open to discussion and newsletter editor will be open for nominations in October.  Scott suggests the members should provide the material for print.  Clark pointed out keeping it simple with the contents being current happenings, upcoming events, event recaps, photos (captions are not necessary).  He can help by arranging a newsletter format since he has the software to do so if someone would take charge and provide pictures and tidbits.

Current membership is 75 + 1 new member added during Warbirds, 2 others considering membership.  Upcoming expenses are the power bill, IMAC trophies, pressure relief valve, lock for the entrance gate.  
Scott needs a current membership list.  It was suggested a list also be available at the field.
Paula volunteered to make monthly calls to remind members of meetings.

The next sanctioned MAA event will be in October, Doug B is the event CD.  RV parking will be available to club members first by email.  The next event hosted by MAA will be the IMAC Regional Finals the last weekend of this month.  Guests are expected to start arriving as early as next week.

Clark motions to adjourn meeting Ron 2nd.

MAA membership meeting, September 14, 2013

Dan D, Stan, Jim W, Scott, Camille, Doug, Colleen, Clark, Jim N, Bill Stewart, Dick, Scott (new), Jerry, Terry, prospective Jared

IMAC-8 pilots raving about our field, few gave extra money to our club,
IMAC again in two weeks, regional finals, need help with scribes, welcomed in the kitchen, bring planes for afternoon/evening flying

New pump for well- tentative installation October 4
Next weekend is big bird in Yakima, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Safety-be sure to take home dead LiPo batteries, don't leave the here in the garbage
If something is ROG with your plane, then it starts to work, don't fly it until you know hat the problem was.

Clark bought two mowers to use at the field,
Clark may end up building a sand leveler,

Indian Summer, Oct 12-14

Nominations for board position will be next month. Be sure to ask the people if they are interested before you nominate them.

Money vs. camaraderie
Wings for Wishes, War Bird event next labor day weekend (3days) Sport Flyer is doing ads for it. We will need help to upgrade the field and during the event. Will use RC Flight Deck that has registration and a volunteer sign up tab. BCFD #2 will have brush truck here for the War Birds. Maybe spring IMAC in May, possibly one day float flies, someone excuses fly-in

Lease is about up. Looking at a twenty year lease with the park board and range of property. Boundaries are fluid. Hope to go from the river to the road and extend to the north. Horse trail closer to the road.

Master plan- this year we are taking care of that

MAA membership 8.10.13

The well pump is ordered, maybe install in two weeks or Sept.
Will send out an email when date is known. Clark will need a couple of people to help.

Scott demonstrated "Tricks with glue."
He glued servos and showed that denatured alcohol takes hot melt right off, also cuts through epoxy.
Gorilla glue is good as a filler-add water and mix well, then pour in place. It is sand able when dry.
Hobby King has battery operated glue gun.
ANY glue does not stick to parchment paper.
CA droppers and syringes work great to glue hinges, hidden breaks, etc.

$169 made from the No Excuses fly in. We now have enough for a wind feather.

Treasurers report
Purchase of $300 for sprinklers

Wil Byers from the sport flyer magazine proposed that we host a Warbird event during Labor Day 2014. He will provide advertising in his magazine. Last year Goldendale had about 30 pilots.
With a show of hands, 12 club members committed to help.

People in attendance-(those starred committed to helping with the Warbirds event)
Jeff, Addie*
Ron, Scott, Camille
John, Jennifer and Jacob Pulsipher*
Ed Hornsby
Bob Stewart
Bill Stewart*
Wil Byers*
Jim Waggener*
Dick McGrew
Doug, Colleen*
Joe Campbell

BOD voted to hold the Warbirds event in 2014
Yes-Clark, Ron, Dan, Colleen, Doug, Ed, Dick, Jeff
1st Jeff, 2nd Doug, Clark will CD
2 abstain, motion passed

End of meeting

MAA Membership Meeting 7-13-13

Clark Hymas conducted the meeting.

Safety message- Dick- Don’t be complacent. Pay attention and follow the safety rules posted.

Business- The BOD approved the purchase and installation of a new well pump. Clark is getting the permits and arranging the details. He will also pull the pump.

An additional IMAC event will be at our field since another location cancelled. It will be Sept. 14 and 15, 2013. We will serve breakfast and lunch. The field will be open for our club members after they finish each day. They invited any of our club members to participate in the beginning class at no charge.

The club received a check for $175 from the AMA for publicity of the Make a Wish charity event.

Members who attend meetings and work parties will be entered in a drawing for an Extra 300- to be given away at the January banquet. BOD members do not get an entry for attending BOD meetings.

Meeting adjourned.

In attendance- Clark, Jeff and Addie, Scott and Camille, Ron Page, Dave Miller, Dick McGrew, Dan Deckert, Dan Seeman, Chet L, Brian L, Jim Waggener, Tom V, Rudy, Bob, Guests- David Z and William B MAA membership June 22

Safety- rules in the message box are the old ones, the new ones are on the web site. Will be posted soon on the doghouse. Make sure you stay behind the yellow line and shut off your aircraft at the yellow line on the way in.

$306 profit on float fly

Working on cost to upgrade well pump to 10 hp, also increase the size of the nozzles, estimate $4700- $5500 range

Sign needs to be hung- will be done when auger issues are resolved
Wind feathers-have about $200 they are about $275 each. Look for a No Excuses fly in toward the end of July.

Next event fun fly July 14-15, featuring Chef Jeff

Field report-Dan has two recycle bins ready.
Events will have three garbage cans-one for garbage, one for cans and one for bottles
Clark will get two new barrels
Doghouse needs work, wood rotting, paint peeling,
If you fuel gas planes, use a catch system-gas is burning grass and sealant

Trainer, please send Dick an email of when you are available.

New plaque from Wings for Wishes

John and Jacob Pulsipher, Dan and Dan, James Notch, Chet, Clark and Justin, Dick, James Wegener, Scott, Ron, Camille, guest Don

MAA membership meeting 5/11/13
BOD, Clark Hymas, Dave Miller, Ron E. Page, Scott Page, Dan Deckert, Camille Page, Colleen Bowman

Safety message: Refresh yourself on the safety rules. You may have your plane running as you taxi out. Be sure to turn off your motor/ engine when you return to the taxiway. For safety sake, stay on far side of runway. Rules are on the side of the doghouse

If anyone wants to be an instructor, see Dick. The AMA site has a list of maneuvers that trainers should be able to do. Every Wednesday at 5:00 will be a training session.
Intro pilot program explained. Dick will send out emails with details of schedule. Next week's training will be by Clark and Ron.

New business
Runway one is going to be sealed. Seal the cracks next Saturday. Stripe right will do the work and paint the lines and Xs. Probably the week after.

Intermittent work on sprinklers. If you need something to do, bring sand in from the gate area and level the ground around the sprinklers on runway two.

Wings for Wishes is in two weeks. Some prizes are displayed on the picnic table today. Seven airplanes, two radios, very first frsky tyrannis transmitter, batteries, and much more. There will be two raffles: a $5 per ticket raffle for the large items and a $1 per ticket for a variety of items.

Sea cadets will be doing a flag raising ceremony with a new flag donated by Sonny.
Camping available that weekend.

Membership is up to 70.

Newsletter editor needs articles by the 20th of each month. He's an editor, not a writer. Get your photos and news to him, please! It doesn't have to be spectacular. We just want to know what is going on in your hobby world.

Aussie willow cuttings have rooted and 12 are planted!

Meeting adjourned.

Membership meeting 4/18/13
No safety message, no treasurer's report
Work party Saturday, Clark will be there around 11:00.
Monte is planning on being there.Clark has about $90 in pipe fittings for the work party.

The MAA is now an AMA Gold Leader Club, recognized for good works and public service. They sent us a gold plaque to put up-maybe in doghouse or shop and a certificate plaque. Each club member gets a pin. Camille will distribute them.

Swap meet on May 4-5. Jeff is doing Saturday meals. Sausages/sauerkraut, potato salad, etc.

Wings For Wishes is Memorial Day weekend. Clark now has 5airplanes and many items for raffle. There will be two raffles, big stuff $5 a ticket, other smaller stuff $1 a ticket.
Trainer airplanes will be kept on the 2nd runway.
VFW or training center may do a flag ceremony. Maybe Sea Cadets. Dan will send Clark the contact info.
Clark will check with Scott for PA system. May be run from trailer along with a simulator.

Scott has made a draft of a possible style for IMAC awards with laser cut acrylic. They will run about $2 each. Scott will donate his time . A sample was passed around. Dan D. says he can get them cheaper elsewhere.

Club membership meetings for May-September will be at the field on the second Saturday of the month at 2:00
BOD meetings at Ron's, on the first Thursday of the month from 6:00-8:00.

Welcome Bruce and Bob
Dan, Dan, John P, Clark and Beth, Dahl family, Colleen, Camille

MAA Membership Minutes, March 14, 2013

Safety message from Dick- Warm weather is approaching and that brings out all kinds of creepy crawlies at the field. Watch out and be cautious!

The work party at the field went extremely well, but there is still much to do. The shop needs a great deal of help. Dan and Dan have several ideas for shelving, cupboards and work tables. A club member has offered to build two new mobile starting tables for the cost of materials. Estimate is $100-$125 each. Motion made to go ahead with the construction of three tables. 1st CH, 2nd, DB, approved

*The sprinkler heads for runway 2 need work.
*Cracks are developing on runway 1. Motion to buy 2 cans of crack sealer. 1st RSP, 2nd CH, LL, DB, approved.
*It would be nice to run power out to the mower trailer.
* Fans in the rest rooms have a wiring issue. Clark will check and help out with the repair.

There is an RC display at the Mid-Columbia Library in Benton City. Dan set it up with help from Chet, Brian, Hobbytown and others. There are five airplanes hanging as well as table displays. Camille will print tri-fold fliers and take them to the library.

There is quite a bit of trash in the desert. The RRR (horse club) did a massive cleanup during their chili feed event and hauled numerous bags of garbage out of much of Horne Rapids Park. Please pick it up if you go out that way.

Financial Report- same as BOD meeting.

The AMA is promoting the Wounded Warrior charity event on Aug. 17. This is a low key fundraiser meant to entertain the public. If anyone is interested in spearheading a local event, please contact Doug. This is the same time as the Wings for Wishes event in Montana.

There were many sign designs with planes flipped in various directions as requested from the previous meeting. The BOD has narrowed the field of choices to six. The survey will be coming out to the general membership soon so the airbrush artist can have it by April 1 and installation around May 1.

Reminder- runway one will be closed on Saturday.

Aside- The house bill regarding drones did not make it to the floor. Keep up on the legislative issues.

Comment on adding more trees to the field- the BOD will discuss this.

Motion to adjourn 1st JD, 2nd CH, approved

BOD members present- CH, JD, DM, CP, DB, RSP, DD, CB, LL,

MAA Membership Meeting, 2/21/13

Meeting conducted by President Clark Hymas
Welcome to Dan and Bruce. Hope to see you at the field!

Dick’s safety message- Everyone must have AMA membership to be a member of our club. Make sure yours is up to date. Also, be careful and think about what you are doing while building or repairing. Serious injuries can happen with small X-acto or straight edge blades.

Phase I of the by-law revision has brought the written document up to date with current practices. The committee added a section on communication by electronic media and re-worded the types of membership and definition of visitors. We now have a regular membership and a youth (under 18) membership. Visitors do not include members who are in arrears. All visitors must have AMA membership unless it is their first time and they are on a buddy box. AMA offers several options for newbies… see their web site for details on free 60 day or three months for $20 types. Events do not count as a visit, however all participants must be AMA members.

Newly elected officers will take on their responsibilities on December 1, following the November election. Board members not in attendance of any meetings within a 90 day period will be considered to have resigned their position. The president may grant a 30 day extension for extenuating circumstances.

Phase II by-law revision will define the roles of offices, etc.

Training committee report- the committee will be under the direction of the safety officer. The BOD has adopted the use of a crash/accident report to be used for instructors and students during training.

Renewal- Please fill out the on-line registration form. This gives us accurate information and the option for members to restrict their own contact data. This also includes a safety agreement. Information for minors is being withheld. When you have registered and paid your membership fee, you will be given a card and the combination to the locks.

Calendar- March 9-10 is the Ridge Riders Chili Feed and our field is closed so as to not spook the hundreds of horses going by. We will use that time to have a work party to clean and prepare the site for our use. This will include turning on the water and opening the rest rooms.

March 16-17 is training for IMAC judges on runway one. The second runway will be open for our use.

Changes to events- Weaver field weekend is April 13-14. Our swap meet will be May 4-5. Wings for Wishes charity event is Memorial weekend. Help is needed to organize the raffle! Some of our club members will be going to the Montana Wings for Wishes event in August.

Treasurer’s report- About half of membership renewal is being done with PayPal. Outstanding expenses include the driveline shaft for the mower and 2012 event food expense reimbursement to the Bowmans.

Winged Stitches has our club logo ready and will do custom embroidery! Chris, the owner, has been a great supporter of our club. Show him some love and order something fun.

MAA Membership Holiday Banquet and Meeting

January 11, 2013

A record crowd filled Tony Roma’s banquet room and enjoyed an evening of great food, excellent service and socializing with friends. Rudy Higgins was recognized for his enduring efforts at Higgins Field and given a certificate of lifetime membership in the club. Raffle donations came from the MAA, Kennewick HobbyTown, FrSky, Bowmans, Dave Miller, and the Pages. The evening was capped with a video highlighting the progress, events and general fun for 2012. Everyone left with a gift or two and great excitement and anticipation for 2013.
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