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Runway Paving
Hobby Town Static Display

Work Party April 21, 2012

Iron Man Electric July 2011  
Scooteney Float Fly 2011   Indoor Flying 1/16/11

 Wings Across America 1/22/11

Wings Across America 1/22/11
Ron maidens his Waco

 Indoor Flying at Southridge on Dec 4, 2010
Indian Summer 2010 
Camille and Danny Page
 IMAC 2010

Scooteney August 2010
Camille Page's Photos
 Spring 2010 Scooteney Frigid Fun Fly
 May 2010 Pacific Northwest Floatfly
Chilly Chili Feed Jan 1, 2010

 Fun Scale 2009
 Indian Summer 2009
 Scooteney Float Fly 2009
 Dawn Patrol Aug 2009 
 Richland Library Grand Opening
 Puget Sound Silent Flyers Aug 1, 2009
 IMAC 2008
 Indian Summer 2008
 Indian Summer 2007
 Spring 2007
 Stages of Growth


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