Students are encouraged to utilize as many instructors as possible during the training process. 
Exposure to different methods and techniques is the best way to become a skilled pilot! Each 
instructor has different methods of training as well as different skill levels. Maybe you have 
already soloed but are struggling with landings, lining up with the runway, or flying in the wind. 
Some of our instructors are skilled in these areas and can help you achieve advanced instruction 
and training. Some of the instructors are very helpful with maiden flights as well as flight trimming 
and aerobatic setup. Students should call an instructor and arrange for lessons. Showing up at the 
field and hoping an instructor will be there to help you is not a good idea. Club instructors at the 
field may have a full student load or another agenda for the day. Club and AMA requires primary 
flight instruction be given by club designated instructors.

Intro Pilot Instructors 2017



 Contact Information

Clark Hymas

Nitro, Gas, Electric Planes

Ron Page

Electric & Nitro Planes

Doug Bowman

Helicopters, Electric Planes, Multi-rotors
Dan SeemanElectric & Nitro Planes 509-588-4970
John PulsipherElectric &  Nitro Planes