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Yak 54 Maiden Flight

posted Oct 16, 2010, 1:58 PM by R. Scott Page
I finally flew my Hobby King "Yak 54 1.5m Monster 3D" today.  This is an all foam over a wood frame ARF.  I pre-ordered this last May so I received one of the first off of the assembly link.  Fortunately I was slow in getting mine put together because the most from that first batch ended up in piles foam due to over rated or undersized motors and speed controls.  When I read of the bad fortune of the others who had these first Yaks I removed out the motor and ESC and purchased a Rimfire .32 and Castle Creations ICE 75 amp ESC.  As usual, it took days, weeks, and months before I finally got it all together. 

The weather today was perfect for a maiden flight, so at 11:25 AM I taxied it out and took off for the maiden flight. Right after breaking ground I learned I need to adjust the timing on the ESC to match the motor, because running up the throttle too fast results an a loss of power and a terrible scream from the motor.  Throttle to null, and back up and flew away.  First flight needed about 5 clicks of down, and 5 clicks of right aileron.  It looped inside and out very well, axial roll seemed quick and responsive.  I was very impressed with the power from the .32 -- I could climb vertical at about 75% throttle indefinitely.  Down lines are fun and very slow -- almost like IMAC planes.  Second flight I kicked up the throttle to see what it had in the cowl.  It didn't take long before the cockpit blew off but was recovered unharmed.  I'll have to add magnets to the cockpit.  Hobby King now offers this plane without electronics for $90 -- plus shipping.  It's not available in the USA warehouse, but when it is I'm going to purchase another.

R. Scott Page