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Soft Landing for Indoor Flying

posted Dec 29, 2010, 7:00 PM by Higgins Field
Want to get into Indoor flying??

Dan Deckert is offering this gorgeous Yak ready for your electronics for only $25 for the plane plus one piece of 40” CF stiffener rod .  It is made of 3mm Depron, has 1/16" ply motor mount. CF strips mounted in wing & tail, Control surfaces mounted with hinge tape.  Includes 1 piece of 1mm CF 40" rod for stiffening. No electronics. 32" wing span. Weight, 60 grams/2.2oz.

He currently has this Yak, and SBach, and an Edge 540 all in 3mm depron.  He also has an Extra 300 in 6mm depron – but that’s probably an outdoor plane.

I’ve got to tell you that this is a pretty good deal.  $25 can’t touch something like this online.  Dan’s doing this because he wants to build interest in indoor flying.  These foamies are great for indoors, but can also be flown outdoors when it’s very very calm.

Electronics to finish

  • 3 servos from 2 – 4 grams in mass
  • 2203-1600 motor/with prop saver (any 80 - 100W motor weighing under 1 oz)
  • 8 to 12 amp ESC
  • 250 – 300mAh 2S 30C Lipos
  • 8 x 4.3 black props
  • Receiver:  (Spectrum has a 2 gram indoor receiver, Futaba has a 3.7 gram receiver)
  • Plus about $10 for control horns, linkage wire, micro servo links.

Interested?  contact Dan by email @