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Prop Balancing

posted Aug 12, 2011, 3:16 PM by Higgins Field   [ updated Aug 12, 2011, 3:49 PM by R. Scott Page ]
Using well balanced props is not just a good suggestion, it a great habit.  If you think a prop is balanced right out of the bag -- you'd be wrong.  Here are several videos that will teach you more about prop balancing than you every wanted to know.  These videos helped me tremendously.  Now my props are so well balanced that my airplanes are crash proof and even my breath is minty fresh.  

This first video will get you started with finding peace, harmony, and a balanced prop the quickest.  Watch all videos if you choose and you'll find that each has merits and demerits.  For example, the first video does a GREAT job of demonstrating checking the tracking of the prop first (merit).  But, the concept of balancing with velcro and super glue I find horrendous (demerit).   

Prop balancing video tutorial

Now here is a nice series of 3 videos that's fairly comprehensive from 2 brothers hobby.

RC Prop and Spinner Balancing - Part 1

RC Prop and Spinner Balancing - Part 2

RC Prop and Spinner Balancing - Part 3

There are different approaches for prop balancing -- different paths to the same destination.  Below I've included three more videos, to give you more information as you seek balance and harmony.
The next two videos are from Dubro - makers of the prob balancer you will see in all 6 of these videos.  There are other very good balancers available. 

Prop Balancer #1 | DU-BRO

Prop Balancer #2 | DU-BRO

You should know it all by now, but just in case here is one final video from our friends at Horizon Hobby. How To - Prop Balancing