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posted Oct 24, 2010, 10:33 AM by Higgins Field   [ updated Oct 24, 2010, 12:26 PM ]
Facebook has proven to be an effective way for businesses, individuals, and organizations to reach out to family, the public, or long lost friends.  
The Miniature Aircraft Association has had a Facebook page for several months.
Facebook users can create profiles with photos, lists of personal interests, contact information and other personal information. Communicating with friends and other users can be done through private or public messages or a chat feature. Users can also create and join interest groups and "like pages", some of which are maintained by organizations as a means of advertising.  The MAA page is this sort of Interest group -- and members can "like" the page to see its updates.
Facebook "faced" a number of challenges to their ability to protect members privacy over the past two years.  As a result members now have a very comprehensive privacy control options, although the use of some Facebook third party add on applications require the user to allow their personal* information to be passed to the application. This information is generally utilized for target advertising -- a strategy which advertisers target their advertising to the users most likely to be interested.  This saves the advertisers money, and consumers generally see advertising they would be more interested in. Facebook users have the ability to deny third party applications from collecting personal* information and then not use those selected third party applications.  The third party applications tend to be attractive nuisance programs such as free games, which the mature user can easily avoid.
Facebook members that spam the MAA facebook page with derogatory comments (called flaming) have been, and will be permanently banned from the page.

*Personal information is information such as age, interested and the like -- not bank information or other sensitive date that could be used identity theft.