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Higgins Field Fun

posted Oct 5, 2010, 9:20 AM by Higgins Field   [ updated Oct 5, 2010, 9:31 AM ]
(by Dan Deckert)

Well, we had a real great turnout for the Regional IMAC (Sept. 24,25,26) this year. We had 24 pilots registered and flying for the NW Regional Championship. These pilots put on one heck of a show. Beginners to Expert class was truly an event. Even though I've been to 3 IMAC events, (I only took pictures) I had no real idea what transpired to compete. I asked for, and got, an earful of what transpires to compete in an event like this. These pilots have to fly a 'set' pattern and be judged on how well/precise they fly the sequence. It's not like me where I go out & turn & burn and let the wings go where they may. This is precision flying with restrictive limits. I learned a lot and enjoyed the heck out of it. I can definitely see where I need to practice to be able to actually be in precise control of my birds. As in not just flopping them around through the air because I can.

The above being said, we had our Indian Summer Fun Fly (Oct. 1,2,3) this past weekend. It's a 'fly what you bring' and 'fly it how you want event'. We had everything from foamies to 30% birds and helis and had 30 registered pilots. Gas/electric/fuel, you name it, we had it. The pilots with the big bids
put on one heck of show time & again with their expertise doing 3D work. $6K birds dancing <6" off the pavement is a site to behold. Special congrats to Doug with his Heli. What a beauty and he flies it so nice. I hope we can have/get more Heli pilots. Hmm, maybe my next bird just to have fun with?

We fed over 50 people for IMAC and over 45? for Indian Summer. Weather for both events was 72~80 degrees and virtually dead calm for winds. Kids & adults galore. Two weekends of pure enjoyment! I don't know how it gets any better then that! Except!!! Not a SINGLE CRASH! We did have a single plane loss because our club president lost his bird in the puckerbrush somewhere due to unknown circumstances on the last day of Indian Summer.

I can't begin to thank everyone that helped sponsor/work and support both events. I do offer a really big thanks to our cooks/helpers for both events. These people busted their rear-ends to cook and clean for slobs like me that ate, ran and flew without offering to help clean up.

On a final note, a BIG special recognition goes to Jim Reynolds for his efforts in getting the Stearman and mini P-51 flybys'. What a show! Jim, you are the Man for this year, well aside from the cooks or maybe not or sorta-kinda or %*(((*)GLHO%$%&^%* I don't know, OK so quit bugging me..dang, I'm confused.