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Futaba 8FG has new software release.

posted Sep 2, 2011, 10:35 AM by R. Scott Page
Futaba has just released more new software for the 8FG. 
You can download the latest update free from

Here is a list of what is included:

1) Model Quick Select Screen
Select up to 4 models from a special home screen

2) Model Select Screen
Optional special power up screen to select the active model from

3) Timer Alarms
The timer alarms can now be turn on or off from the System menu

4) Battery Low Voltage Alarm
The 8FG Low Voltage Alarm can now be configured for 6 cell NiCd or NiMH: 6.8v,
2S LiFe: 6.0-6.2 v, 2S LiPo: 7.2- 7.4 v.

5) Servo Test
The servo test function will no longer operate when the Throttle Cut is on, or when Throttle Hold is on. This will prevent any unwanted movement of the throttle control

6) Power Mode Screen
The Power Mode Screen can now be quickly accessed during power up by holding the RTN button down while turning on the transmitter. This allows quick access to the Range Check feature as well as the RF on/off feature.

7) Motor Stick Position Warning (airplane/glider)
This warning can now be turned off when the throttle stick is used for non-throttle purposes.

8) Governor Function (helicopter only)
This provides automatic reset of throttle endpoints for a Futaba Governor. The system will prompt to set the endpoints to 100/155 when using a Futaba governor or to 100/135 when a governor is not being used.