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Do the Safety Dance

posted Oct 12, 2010, 9:02 AM by Higgins Field
You might remember that rocking tune from the 80's called "Safety Dance" from Men Without Hats.  If not click on the "Safety Dance" link for a refresher.

Since Safety should always be our "TOP" priority, we have this nice Safety Hat for the TOP of your head. This awesome reminder can purchased at the MAA Store.  Click on the hat to go to the page where it's available. Wear this hat when you do the Safety Dance. 

Why the emphasis on safety today?  Our members have spent too much time in Emergency lately with 2 serious prop chop jobs in a single week, and I witnessed a egregious safety violation last week that went uncorrected. 
(see photo below)

We must always be mindful that our "Toys" can be lethal unless safety rules are followed to the letter!
You might have noticed that the October Model Aviation had an article about prop chops and the cartoon below. Really, it's no laughing matter!  Loosing a hand is not beyond the realm of possibility with larger Heli's or perhaps 1/3 scale models swinging those two foot props.  Of greater likelihood is bleeding to death before getting medical help.  I'm told that at least one spouse in the club won't let her husband go flying without another person with him.  Good for her!

Finally, Children and pets have no place on the business side of the safety fence unless they are spotting.  This defies AMA regulations, MAA regulations, and common sense.  They are not called accidents until they happen.  

Like Men without hats said about the safety dance, "if they don't dance then they're no friends of mine"